American Idol Finalist and High School Teacher Come Together to Create Pro-America Music Project

Posted by Jonathan Koeppel on

On top of getting to travel America this Summer, Jonathan Koeppel recently worked on an original music project with Chelsea Sorrell from American Idol in an effort to bring people together and spread a positive message of hope. 

Chelsea took time away from her husband, children, and business in order to fly down to Louisiana and be apart of this recording. She said that this song embodies everything she believes in and is excited to be featured on it.The song shares a message of unity; that America is still one nation united and we can see our land heal. 

The song was written and produced by Jonathan and recorded/engineered by Sean Wyatt (who volunteered his time and recording equipment). The music video we recorded was produced and directed by Jeremiah Fry, Light in Motion, who also volunteered his time to make this project possible.

Keep in mind, everyone that was apart of this project donated their time and efforts to be apart of spreading a great message that will hopefully bring people together and give encouragement to many. We all contributed to this because, WE LOVE AMERICA!

One thing is certain, we all believe in the project and want to see America come together.

Release date is TBA, stay tuned for updates!