Fox News; Louisiana Teacher

Posted by Jonathan Koeppel on

While I can't find a video online, I was able to get the transcript from the Ingraham Angle on Fox News when they shared my clip and talked about what it is we are fighting against. See full transcript here 


INGRAHAM: Unwittingly. It's only a baby when someone decides they want to keep the baby. By the way, a teacher did speak. I will play this very quickly. Get Matt to smile. Louisiana teacher slammed the whole woke gender fluidity issue watch.


JONATHAN KOEPPEL, LOUISIANA TEACHER: We got kids that can't read and write and then we're going to teach them incorrect grammar. A man cannot menstruate. A man cannot lactate and breastfeed a child. You cannot give birth of your man. If you want to be an adult and do whatever you want with your life. I'm OK with that. Don't push this ideology on children. I'm not going to work in a district that's OK with that.


INGRAHAM: Matt, they're driving sane people out of teaching.

WALSH: Yes. Well, what a world we live in when a statement like men cannot give birth is considered edgy and controversial. But it is these days, which is why it does require some courage to say as insane as that is. And that's why as conservatives, this is a hill worth dying on, on this issue. Because if we give up on this, if we give up on - if we let the left sort of have it with the gender madness and we give into it, then we've given up on reality. And once you give up on reality, what else is there worth fighting for? So I think we have to we have to stick to our guns here.

How cool is that? Being featured on Fox News! I can't wait to see what happens next. God only knows..