St. Tammany Teacher charts #32 on Itunes

Posted by Jonathan Koeppel on

During a time when patriotism is being deemed as "Extremist Behavior" and Patriotic songs are being removed from classrooms across America - one teacher dared to see if he could make an impact and help to change that narrative. On July 4th Jonathan Koeppel released a song, This Is America, featuring Chelsea Sorrell from American Idol. Upon its release, it soon made iTunes top #100 for its genre and even surpassed artists like John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, and more. Click here to see music video

By the end of the day, Jonathan's song reached #32 on the chart and held its status there until later the next day. The song remained a top #50 song for 3 days, competing against major artists and record labels. Isn't it amazing how a teacher, who paid zero dollars to advertise/promote a song, was able to chart on a national platform such as iTunes? Imagine if Jonathan and Chelsea's song had intentional marketing and promotion behind it.. There is no telling where it could go! 

While many in the main stream media would argue that patriotism and supporting the United States of America has become divisive, everyday people continue to prove just the opposite. There are many millions of regular people, from all across the United States that still love America and believe it is still a beacon of hope and freedom for the world. 

Will you take a stand and go against the narrative, will you be brave? America needs good people to rise up and be a force for good - America needs YOU.


If you find value in what Jonathan is doing to help win back America, here are ways you can show support:

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