Their Response? Cancel the public's ability to address the board openly.

Posted by Jonathan Koeppel on

The title says it all!

Some members of my local school board responded to the public's outrage by trying to prevent people from being able to openly address the board at the beginning of meetings. What is their rationale? What were they thinking? Do those members realize that they are elected officials who are supposed to be working for the people?

Keep in mind that if this agenda item would have passed in the meeting on May 13th, 2021, the public would only be able to speak to the board on agenda items. If there is a pressing matter that is not on the school boards agenda, you would not be allowed to speak about it. Parents, teachers, and even a bus driver spoke out against this ridiculous idea. 

If this is America, a land that is supposed to celebrate free speech, why are so many people trying to limit that? Once it is gone, it will never be given back. 

See the video of school board meeting here

I'm not sure what my future may hold, but there are BIG things ahead of me and I will never stop speaking truth and being a voice for those who don't have one.

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